BASF: Creating Impact for Diverse Development Needs
Setting up specialised coaching programs and a customized coach pool.

“Simplify the coaching process – that’s what bettercoach has been doing for BASF since three years. bettercoach delivers high quality coaches fast, easy, and accurate. Thank you for the trustworthy cooperation!”

Rosanna Krohn
Corporate Leadership and Development

At a Glance

About BASF
  • The largest global chemical producer
  • More than 110k employees worldwide
  • Headquarters in Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Germany
  • Subsidiaries in 80 countries
  • Cooperating with bettercoach since 2019
Coaching Statistics

Coachings: approx. 100 p.a.


Coaches: 35

Average Evaluation: 4.9/5

Their Challenge
  • There were a very high number of measures in coaching, workshops, and change projects resulting in substantial administrative work for HR. 
  • To build a larger and experienced pool of coaches big enough to be able to satisfy a high number of coaching requests within a reasonable timeframe. 
  • Find suitable coaches for special measures (ex. the Feedback program).
The Co-Creation Process

We digitised the HRD processes to empower managers and teams to organise their own leadership development measures, and in order to reduce the workload for HR. 


Together, we set up a coach pool able to meet the diverse needs of BASF employees, integrating the most valued coaches from BASF’s own network.


In a step-by-step co-creation process, we designed specialised coaching offers to combine with other existing HR tools and measures at BASF, e.g. feedback format.

Coachee Experiences
  1. “I greatly appreciated my coach’s flexibility and ability to tailor the coaching sessions to the issues facing me at the time, instead of being overly rigid in adhering to a predefined structure.”
  2. I found a connection to the coach which created an atmosphere of trust that helped me to open up and accept points of view other than mine.”