Benefit from our flexible and fully customizable platform tailored to your specific company needs.

Customisation Possibilities

Landing Page

We create a login landing page customized to your own company branding.


Choose from multiple coaching program possibilities and team formats to fit your target group needs.

Order & Invoice Flow

Opt for a collective order, or an individual order per department. Invoices can be issued individually or collectively.


We can customize the platform to your country-specific requirements including language and currency.
The Coachee Journey

The coachee is guided through a simple and intuitive digital flow from the very start.

The coachee logs in and submits his/her enquiry on your company specific landing page.

Three coaches are matched to the coachee from your customized coach pool. The coachee makes his/her selection.

The coachee selects their preferred time, day and medium.

Tasks, milestones and objectives are easily managed between coach and coachee.

Impact assessment and reporting

The coachee enters the coaching process with a challenge to address which is tracked on the platform.

The coachee and coach define the objective which guides the coaching process.

Specific milestones are outlined between coach and coachee to ensure the coachee reaches their objective.

Coachees can complete tasks between sessions with fixed priority orders and deadlines.

The coachee evaluates the overall coaching process, the coach, and if the objective has been reached.

HR tracks all activities and their impact through a comprehensive and customizable reporting on the platform.

HR can view completed coaching hours, number of coachings taking place, and the status of each individual coaching right in real time.

The coach pool can be filtered by region, topic, management level, and rating. HR can access all coach profiles and evaluations at any time.

The impact is accessible for each coaching including objectives, milestones, progress, and coach evaluation.

All invoices are available on the platform with a detailed overview of the reported coaching session.

Highest Security,
Data and
Privacy Standards

ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant

Our system is ISO 27001 certified and meets all GDPR regulations. Our servers are operated in Germany to ensure the safety of your data.

GDPR Compliant

Bettercoach meets all GDPR regulations. Our servers are operated in Germany to ensure the safety of your data.

Data Confidentiality

All data shared throughout the coaching process is encrypted end-to-end (SSL). On request, we can develop individual deletion and archiving of data together.

Transparent Documentation

We provide you with our technical and organizational measures as well as the results of external IT testing.

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