Atos: Introducing a Global Coaching Offer
Co-creating customized programs & establishing a coaching culture.

“Using their Belbin profiles as a starting point in their coaching, bettercoach’s coaches encourage Atos talents to explore their behaviours in more detail and progress on their development journey.”

Sidharth Gurjada
Group Manager of HR Technology

At a Glance

About Atos
  • Global leader in digital transformation
  • 111k employees
  • Represented in 69 countries
  • Headquarters in Bezons, France
  • Cooperation with bettercoach since 2021
Coaching Statistics

Coachings: approx. 50 p.a
Programs: 1
Coaches: 60

Coaching Languages: 8

Average Evaluation: 4.5/5

Their Challenge
  • To offer coaching at an organizational level to help people grow into a hybrid work culture and reach their goals.
  • Create a suitable coaching management system.
  • To have access to a global coach pool.
The Co-Creation Process

The starting point of our collaboration was the offer of a specific talent development program to reflect on feedback and one’s Belbin team role. As participants came from all over the world, we set up a global pool of coaches, certified in working with Belbin.


The program was perceived so well that we decided to take the next steps towards establishing a coaching culture: introducing a generic coaching offer for all managers globally.


On this joint journey, we learned that it is important to be patient and persistent as it takes time until word spreads and people start trusting in the impact of coaching.


To support this process, we put a special emphasis on communicating the offer several times on internal channels and by organising webinars presenting the bettercoach solution.

Coachee Experiences

“The coaching has allowed me to get to know myself better and has given me the tools to be more successful in my work.”


“The coach was very professional and empathic and helped me a lot get more concrete on my goals.”


“I loved the great amount of insights that came from my coaches way of applying the management drives framework.”