Merck: How to Implement a Global Coaching Platform

This webinar is part of a series of virtual events that aims to bring together HR professionals, coachees, and coaches for an honest and open exchange on coaching in different organizational contexts.

Coaching is one of the most successful interventions in companies for leadership and talent development.

However as more organizations acquire coaches for their employees, more issues arise for HR and L&D professionals – from increased complexity, admin, and costs; to scattered and decentralized processes.

This was the situation faced by HR specialists at Merck, a global science and technology company. In April this year, Merck launched a global coaching program with bettercoach with the goal of solving these issues.


In the webinar, the following questions are discussed:

  • How Merck was able to standardize and simplify the organization of its coaching activities
  • How the coach pool was built and implemented
  • Which challenges came up during the onboarding phase (and how they were resolved).



How to Implement a Global Coaching Platform

Expert from Merck

Stephanie Bätzing vom Hau
Senior Consultant Leadership Development

Expert from bettercoach

Fabian Lessenich
Manager Global Coachpool

Moderator from bettercoach

Alina Dinga
Head of Business Development and Sales


0 – 6:00 mins: Introduction of speakers and the company Merck


6:00 – 13:05 mins: Organisation of Coaching activities within Merck before partnering with bettercoach


13:05 – 21:40 mins: Insights into the collaboration with bettercoach


21:40 – 24:50 mins: Process of building up the coach pool for Merck


24:50 – 29:00 mins: Addressing challenges of onboarding a coaching platform provider


29:00 – 31:10 mins: Summary of the biggest improvements for Merck since partnering with bettercoach


31:10 – 45:20 mins: Participant Q&A


45:20 – 46:00 mins: Closing remarks