Coach, mentor, or therapist? How to choose the right intervention

Coach, mentor, or therapist?

Coaching, mentoring and therapy have grown extremely popular in recent years, especially within the employee experience context.


With the rise in popularity and availability, there has been an equal rise in confusion concerning the differences between the three modalities and difficulties choosing the right intervention.


In this webinar bettercoach Senior Manager Anna Schwarz spoke to Rafal Szaniawski, an experienced partner coach, mentor, and L&D professional , and explored the following questions:

  •   What is coaching, mentoring, and therapy?
  •   What are the main differences between them?
  •   How to choose the right intervention for yourself or your employees.
Coach, mentor, or therapist?


0-3:20 mins:  Introduction of speakers and topic


3:20-8:33 mins: What is coaching & benefits of coaching


8:34- 15:30 mins: What is therapy? When is therapy an appropriate intervention?


15:30 -21:26 mins:  What is mentoring? What are the benefits of mentoring?


21:27-25:55 mins:  What are the main differences between the three interventions & how to decide which one best fits


25:55-32 mins: Participant Q&A


32-34 mins:  Closing remarks